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Integrating Ergonomics and Decluttering Personal Work Space To Save Space

By imed | May 7, 2019 |

Personal space within a work area is crucial to both productivity and staying organized. The driving force behind a substantial work space is creating the connection between ergonomics and output of work. If long hours are spent on computer work, moving your monitor off of your desktop with an adjustable computer monitor arm can help…

How Can I Use Space More Efficiently in a Tight Exam Room?

By imedspace | July 9, 2018 |

A few thoughts: Look into the steel pre-made modular casework which has a smaller footprint. Typically, these units are anywhere from 3-5 feet long and only 18″ deep, which is 6″ less projection into a room than conventional cabinetry at 24″ deep. These units contain a small (bar size) hand wash sink with trash drop,…

Have I Planned for Enough Storage in my Medical Office?

By imedspace | May 14, 2018 |

When you plan your next medical office or think about expanding your current one, consider the space needed for closets, cabinets and storage of all kinds!  Even in this digital age, the need for storage and a place for everything is vital to an organized practice! Even when using wall attached storage, double check your…

Expert Medical Space Planning = Happy Staff

By imedspace | April 30, 2018 |

Just because a medical environment will never look or feel like Google Headquarters, it can be designed to support medical  staff,  their job functions and morale.  A thoughtfully designed and planned medical office suite can improve employee efficiency, service and job satisfaction while contributing to staff retention. What are some of the space planning considerations and…

Any suggestions for doctor’s office layouts that will support my staff?

By imedspace | March 25, 2018 |

With the integration of technology in today’s patient exam rooms, it is important to consider all the features at the beginning the planning process.  Do all rooms need a sink?  Do all rooms need an examination table or chair?  Can some rooms be strictly for consultation without an examination?  What about telemedicine?  Check out this…